Sunday, January 15, 2012

I think I finally found a sport that I can really get into and maybe even play. With all the football this last weekend, I think pulling down some pants would really spice things up. There are a few of those male players I would love to see with their pants down — in my bedroom!!  LOL. Well, at least my Giants are still in the running. Love you all, J.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Eight ball in my pocket

Played some pool with a few friends last night. It was strip pool, and I lost big time. Oh well, I did love the shots to my pocket. LOL. Any pool players want to join in. Love you guys. Hey, check out my book “At the Rooftop”. It is now a big seller in Spain. Don’t know why, but I guess they like hot resorts and bisexual fun. Follow the links on this page to Amazon for a good look at the book. Play naked and have fun!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Not so naked

Back from my trip and so happy to be home. Went to the club in Atlantic City and was a little disappointed.  Had a great time with the couple I was visiting, but very surprised the “swingers” in AC were a little slow. 
In Trapezze, Miami Velvet, Rooftop, Hedo, Sunlover, and the other clubs I have been at, being naked and having fun is the rule. Not so much at Saints and Sinners.
 Nevertheless, I brought in the New Year with an orgasm, so it was not a waste. Thanks to Cindy and Bob, life was full of fun. How was your New Years Eve. Love you guys and look forward to a naked 2012.