Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fantasy Fest 2013 -OMG

It took a couple days to recover, but had a blast at Fantasy Fest in Key West Fl. Got there Wednesday night  and never stopped partying until Sunday Night. 

Saturday night so packed we couldn’t move but had a blast in front of Sloppy Joe’s. Ended up naked for most of the time, but you know that’s how I like to travel. 
Sex was fantastic at so many parties in different locations. Can’t remember all my partners, but they were all fun. 

Heading to Rooftop Resort this weekend to celebrate Holloween with good friends, so be a good friend and come join us. Linda and Jason got into all kind of trouble and I’m sure it will be in her next book.

In the meantime, read about fun at Rooftop Resort and check out Linda’s series of books “Sex is My Hobby”. Everything is also in audiobook, which provides one very erotic experience. Click Here
Love you guys, let’s all get naked.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fantasy Fest 2013

It’s only a couple weeks away and I can't wait to get there. Key West Fl. becomes a sexual and exhibitionist paradise for a full week. Last year was a blast, from the little I remember LOL. This year will be even better, I predict.

Linda and Jason are going with me along with some of their friends. Lets met at Sloppy Joes or The Garden of Eden.

Get ready for the fun by listening to one of Linda’s books on Sex is MY Hobby. It will get you in the mood quick for some erotic fun. Click here.
Love you guys, see you naked in the Keys.  J

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