Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sex Is My Hobby

In my book SEX IS MY HOBBY - BOOK 2 - Linda gets naked in a convertible and attracts the attention of a truck driver. She then has a big orgasm just outside his window as they drive down the highway. 

He gets even when he catches up with her at a local truck stop. This girl does know how to have sexual fun.
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Monday, September 24, 2012


My new book is out and it is great. Linda and Jason go on a trip to a “swingers party”. The trip includes Linda naked in her convertible, fun with a truck driver, and a party you can’t believe. Here is an excerpt in her own words: 
Resting in his arms as I float in the water, I’m aware of how happy and content I am. It’s been a long and adventuresome day, starting with a wonderful truck driver and finishing with kissing my husband as he has sex with another woman, who is having sex with me! I sometimes wonder how I get into these things, but the answer is always the same. I get into these things because I walk in with my eyes wide open.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

At The Rooftop - Audio

Presents: “At the Rooftopin Audio

Romance Review“an adventure in erotica
not soon forgotten.”
Audio Review - "5 stars - “An erotic romp in sexual play-land”

Popular author “J Erotica” is the author of a series of books dealing with the “Lifestyle” of open sexuality.

This is a story about a weekend at one of South Florida’s hot spots where the lifestyle is definitely “anything goes.”

Two friends travel to Rooftop Hotel Resort to explore their desires for each other and for those who may wander into their life. The resort is real, and so are the stories!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Big O

Working on the new series of “Sex is My Hobby” books with my good friend Linda. A few drinks, a lot of writing about sexual pleasure, I get hot, clothes come off and then my body takes on a life of its own. What is it about the BIG O that is so fantastic? Linda took me into that place of ecstasy that was higher than any high could take me. Then settle into the naked arms of my friend. Oh I love the BIG O.