Monday, January 28, 2013

Naked Spa

Treated myself with love and went to my favorite spa. Great massage (no happy ending, damn), nails, hair and then a sauna with my friend Linda, where we did have a much needed happy ending. 

Then to the hot tub with magnificent water jets that got to me in all the right places. I do love to take care of my needs and somehow, they all involve sex. Lucky me. 

LOL Love you guys. Catch my friend Sandy in her sexual exploration in my book and Audiobook “Carpe Diem”. Just click here for hot hot hot sample audio.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Naked Snow Suit

My friends up north are trying to tell me it is fun to play naked in the snow.

 I think my friends up north must have played in the snow too long. Frostbite of the brain. 

Put my naked flesh out on the warm warm beach.

                                   Only good thing about the snow is when you sit naked in front of an indoor fireplace, drink hot rum punch, watching it snow outside and getting ready to have sex. Now that is fun in the snow.
 Love you northern cold lovers, see you in the spring. I’m going to read about hot Caribbean sex in my book and audio book Carpe Diem. Check it out Click here

Friday, January 11, 2013

Explore me - please

This is a great party game for groups who really like to swing together. 
One person is blindfolded, naked, prepared to allow full access to their body. Then others spend time touching, kissing, caressing and sexually arousing the blindfolded person. The object is to have the blind folded person identify who is doing what at any given moment.
 For example, if I identify Charlie by his kiss, then I win a point. If Susan squeezes my breast and I identify her I get a point. If someone enters some part of my body and I identify that person, I get 3 points. As soon as I get 10 points, I win and it is now another persons turn. Sometimes I guess wrong intentionally just to continue to be explored. Hey, why not, in this game you never loose Try it out. 

My friend Linda introduced me to the game and for those of you who know Linda, she has played it a lot. If you don't know Linda you can read or listen to her exploits by clicking here. Love you guys, let the games continue! J